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ICT has become indispensable in organisations. It is the main driver for innovation and collaboration. Doing it yourself is great: it means you’re in control. But sometimes that means working everything out yourself. And that takes a lot of time.

We have heard the same questions for years: “I forgot my password, help me Helpdesk?! I can’t print, help me Helpdesk?! I need more space for e-mail, help me Helpdesk?! Goodzo solves this by taking the solution directly to you. That’s why we have the Goodzo way.

Many frequently encountered issues can be resolved by Your Cloud users themselves via the online store: now they you can change passwords, modify a mailbox, add an account, and much more. It’s all possible and it’s fast. More than 30 different processes are already available. Do it yourself, with a little help from Goodzo.